Financial Peace

Glad Tidings Church San Francisco is proud to support and promote FPU! Financial Peace University teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money and empowers you with the practical skills and confidence needed to achieve your financial goals and experience true financial peace.

Financial Peace University is a thirteen week course. We offer the 13 week course starting in periodically.

The fee for this course is $100 and includes all text books. Presently we are running it once a year.

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Some Testimonials:

Girlie Morrison

I can’t brag enough about how FPU changed our lives in such a tremendous way. The other day, Michael and I were forecasting and we got really excited because in less than 18 months by God’s grace, we’ll be debt-free! Can you imagine living in freedom no more car loan, nor student loans, nor credit cards? Ahh… can’t wait! Michael and I look forward to the day when we call Dave Ramsey and, announce it on his radio show that we are debt free!!

The more we exercise the big O (Obedience in giving), the more we feel secure in our finances. Our God is so O-some, right?


Tom Berry

Although we were not in debt we did need to get a better control on our spending, so we decided to sign up for the FPU. From the first lesson we were learning skills and tips to help us in our personal financial planning and management, and it has really changed our approach to how we handle money.

We now have our 6 months emergency fund.

We are planning a strategy to pay off our mortgage early and planning for Sarah’s financial future. Throughout the course we have been privy to useful, practical guidance in all aspects of financial management that is backed up by comprehensive course notes and CD’s so you can review lessons in your own time at your own pace.

As such we have a useful resource to use as needed in the future. As-well-as all the practical guidance we had great fun with wonderful group of people, we shared the highs and lows of our financial lives and we were all able to help each other through the course.

Everybody contributed and I believe everyone benefited from this fabulous course. If you think you need this course, do it, you do need to do this course. If you do not think you need to do this course, do it, you do need to do this course!

Phil and Danielle Newton

We took a number of things from the class. The most obvious thing is that we learned some practical tools for handling our money.Once we started implementing those tools (i.e. envelope system, monthly budget meetings), we were able to start saving a little money and paying down our debt (baby steps 1 and 2. woot woot!), which was something we always wanted to do but were never quite able to do before.

That in itself is awesome!

But more than that, FPU gives you a sense that even you can do it.That even WE can have financial success.It’s not just for people making tons of money; it’s for us too.Once you realize that financial peace is attainable, it really brings a lot of hope and life back into your financial world.It motivates you to pull your head out of the sand and start moving forward again.


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48