Prayer Meetings

Glad Tidings is a church based on prayer. We believe that every believer needs to have a daily, intimate, and deep connection with God. This is the foundation for your life and a definitive tool to keep your heart in-tune with God's words. 

Each year we take out the first 40 days of the year and have 5am- 8am prayer meetings. We are currently in the midst of our 40-day prayer and fasting. Join us Mon-Sat 5am-8am. Click this link for a full calendar of our fasting guidelines. This is an encouraging and a faith building time, where we put the past behind us and step forward into a blessed and full new year. We believe the GT Fast is a pathway to breakthrough. It is not just about the absence of food, but being open to move of the Holy Spirit in a new way. During this time we are focused on God, learning new prayer tools, and developing a deep relationship with God. Periodically throughout the year we have these "early morning prayer meetings."

Every week we had a mid-week prayer meeting Wednesdays at 6pm in main auditorium. During this meeting we cried out for the Holy Spirit to come, cleanse our hearts, and prepare us for the worship service. Join us each week as we prepare our heart and start out believers service with the power of prayer! 


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48