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“If any of you wants to be my disciple, you must first deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24

Count the Cost

The thing that sets Glad Tidings Discipleship Institute (GTDI) apart from other programs is the complete immersion in a life of ministry. In GTDI, you will gain experience in:

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Junior High Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • College Ministry

  • Music Ministry and Choir

  • Drama Ministry

  • Dance Ministry

  • Evangelism

  • Christian Education

  • Pulpit Ministry

  • Service Planning

  • Mission Trips

  • Building Projects

  • Facility Management

  • 12-Steps

  • Small Group Ministry

  • Men’s or Women’s Ministry

  • Visitation

  • Hospitality

  • Visitor Consolidation

  • Visual and Print Media

  • Administrative Projects

  • Retreat and Camp Planning

  • Member Care

GTDI is formatted for students who are hungry for more of GOD. Our goal is to facilitate heart transformation and cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Academic training is a secondary priority. GTDI is a HOLY GHOST TRAINING SCHOOL, NOT a traditional school. We are called to be people of FIRE. This means

  • We pray early, we pray hard, and we pray long.

  • We work early, we work hard, and we work late.

  • We operate in an environment of radical following and accountability.

  • We adhere to very high standards of holiness and separation.

Use of social media, cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices outside of ministry purposes is significantly limited.

Your first step in becoming a student at Glad Tidings Discipleship Institute is to download, print and fill out our application. 

Submit your application (Attn: Tim Gavigan): Click here to open

Fax – 415-346-1108 Email – USPS – 1280 Webster Street. San Francisco, CA 94115


$3,500/year includes the cost of textbooks, tuition, and lodging. Students are individually responsible for food and travel expenses, including the annual missions trip.


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48