About GTDI

Glad Tidings Discipleship Institute

GTDI is a Pentecostal, intensive ministry school located in the heart of San Francisco at Glad Tidings Church (GT). Birthed out of the fires of the 1906 Azusa Street Revival, the school is dedicated to seeing the FIRE of Pentecost ignite and empower every student to pursue God’s call to the ends of the earth.

Our training is focused on one thing: to see students filled and empowered with the Holy Ghost. The incredible diversity of San Francisco provides an ideal setting for students to learn cross- cultural communication, while GT provides real-world ministry experience in an urban environment. All of these things converge to form a potent dynamic that prepares students for Spirit-empowered vocational ministry.

Our Mission

Our goal is to fully equip men and women for Spirit-driven ministry and mission. We accomplish this by:

  • Requiring each trainee to maintain a rigorous schedule of Bible study, prayer, worship, and ministry.

  • Providing extensive exposure to mentors who have been touched by GOD’S FIRE.

  • Creating an environment where Biblical holiness is taught, practiced, and celebrated.

  • Teaching a Bible-based curriculum, giving practical opportunities for hands-on training and surrendering everything we do to the HOLY SPIRIT.

  • Building partnerships with like-minded World Changers in order to maximize our impact.

  • Exposing each student to authentic diversity on many levels only dreamed about in suburban contexts.

Faculty Snapshots

Forrest and Christina Beiser, Founders – A third generation Pentecostal preacher, Forrest has sought the FIRE for 40 years. He caught the FIRE as a teenager during a revival. He has served under men and women of FIRE. Some of those examples are Rich Wilkerson, Glen Cole, Colton Wickramaratne, Rienhard Bonnke, Terry Inman, and Larry Titus. He and Christina have planted churches, preached crusades, founded schools, and served as Lead Pastors at Glad Tidings San Francisco. They have a passion to leave a legacy of people who hunger for the authentic FIRE of the Holy Ghost.

Evan and April Prosser – Having been saved in the Jesus Movement that swept like a wild FIRE through California in the 1970s, Evan and his wife April were transformed by the HOLY GHOST. In the 1990s God gave them a vision to build the Homeless Church in San Francisco. They are hungry to see people healed, set free, and lit aflame by the power of the SPIRIT.

Tim and Katie Gavigan – Tim’s life was dramatically transformed in an indisputable revival at Grand Rapids First, where the FIRE fell in such a tangible way that people would run from the parking lots into the service so as not to miss even a moment of God’s visiting presence. They have a burning desire for discipleship and lead a dynamic, FIRE-filled, Spirit-driven worship experience at GT.

Catherine Avenel – As child, Catherine had a prophetic word spoken over her that she would be a part of a revival in California that would be greater than one that came to Nineveh. This fiery word has been confirmed in her heart over and over again through years of dramatic personal challenge and questions. In 2010, God repeated that very WORD to her at a revival meeting here at GT. She graduated from GTDI in 2007 and has over 30 years of ministry experience to draw from as she awaits the outpouring of FIRE that she knows is coming to San Francisco.

Michael Fondanova – Via his role as administrative assistant to Pastor Forrest, Michael has experienced God’s FIRE personally and intimately. He has travelled with Pastor Forrest to five different continents, witnessing the power of GOD to transform lives, heal bodies, and radically save. Michael’s experience has birthed in him an insatiable desire to see his own experience with the FIRE reproduced again and again in the lives of GTDI’s students.

Enrique Rosales – Enrique was homeless, living beneath a freeway overpass in San Francisco when he began attending the fiery, Pentecostal services at GT. The FIRE of God overwhelmed his defenses and shook him to the core, physically and spiritually. He is now an indispensible part of the GT leadership team as the workforce coordinator for GT.

Vanessa Collins – Vanessa first encountered the FIRE of God under Pastor Forrest’s ministry at Living Hope Christian Center in the 90’s. She was baptized in the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, 1996. Further encounters with God’s FIRE at the Brownsville Revival propelled her into a lifelong pursuit of greater holiness and intimacy. She’s now embracing a lifelong call to the ministry and is passionate about seeing the FIRE of God spread to the ends of the earth.


"...to whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48