Brazil 2017



We are excited about what God has done in Brazil in 2017! God moved mightily in our services and prayer meetings and services in the Amazonas area of Brazil. 

 We took 64 people from Glad Tidings- including 16 youth and children- with us on the trip. We worked with missionary Mark Lemos and his family. The Lemos' have been in BRAZIL for many years and currently run the largest Pentecostal bible school in BRAZIL. We went and supported the pastors of village churches beyond the northern city of Manaus. 

 For 6 days, we travel up the Rio Negro, to remote villages and people groups in the Amazon Jungle. These people are disconnected from the world as we know it and they are desperately in need of Jesus. We were able to have a VBS each morning and afternoon and teach the kids about God and the Power of the Holy Spirit. We saw many deliverences and 100s of salvations. The Amazonas will never be the same!

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" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48