El Salvador & Nicragua 2015

We went on an amazing mission trip to Nicaragua and El Salvador and touched lives in a country that was war-torn and looking desperately for hope. We shared Jesus with thousands of children and adults through creative dramas, human videos, and intense preaching. We reached a new pinnacle of worship, coming alongside of God and His amazing plan with original songs, dances, dramas, and comedy skits. We’ve had incredible moments of surrender and life-altering experiences.

On a two-day crusade in Matiguas, Nicaragua, we saw incredible life change happen in a people who were desperate for God.  We prayed for 6+ hours through one night and saw people healed, saw lives transformed and offered to Jesus, saw children and adults weep under the power of God.

In El Salvador we held 11 crusades in 4 days, reaching 3200 people, seeing 212 healed and 214 people give or recommit their lives to Jesus.  We preached in public schools, performed in churches, and held tent meetings on the roadside.  Many people received the Holy Spirit for the first time and many more received a fresh infilling of the glory of God.  One thing is for certain, neither we, Nicaragua, nor El Salvador will ever be the same again.


"...to whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48