Liberia 2016

We took a team of 60+ on fire Glad Tidings members with us to Liberia. We had the great privilege to meet Pastor Forrest's disciples from his time in Africa back in the early 1990s and more than half of them are in full time ministry in Liberia now.  We prepared dances, drums, dramas, kids activities and so much more and were able to have many services with over 600 people! 1000 people came to know the Lord and start a new life with Jesus as the center.  

Pastor Forrest was a missionary in Ivory Coast for 6 years working mostly with refugees from Liberia. Several of those disciples are now pastors, back in their home country of Liberia. We will be working with Pastor Samuel Nagbe of Liberia. 

Pastor Samuel Nagbe had purchased some swampland and is now re-claiming it to build a church on the land. Our goal is to help build the first floor. The first step was to replace the wooden plank bridge to the property with a sturdier, safer cement bridge:








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" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48