Friday Night Life

Friday Night Life is a great way to get to know more Christians in San Francisco. We have age-appropriate groups that do fun, safe, and exciting activities all around the city. The groups are divided by age, and are staffed by fun and uplifting leaders.



(ages 12-18)

Underground is a dynamic, diverse and upbeat youth group that is open to all teenagers. Underground meets every Friday night at 6pm. The youth meet here at the church and play, worship, and compete for prizes. This interactive group is a safe place for your teen to get to know about the positive, life-enriching fun activities available to them. 

 Our youth group has retreats throughout the year and many programs on Sunday afternoon and every Friday night. This is the place to find friends and make memories to last a lifetime. Starting at 6pm and ending around 9:30pm. We also offer rides home at the end of the night to ensure safety.


Art of the Covenant (visit website here)

(college age)

 Art of the Covenant is a group of college age people in San Francisco who want something more than the typical college experience. This group is about forming relationships that uplift, build and encourage. 

When you attend Art of the Covenant on a Friday night at 7 pm, you can expect to have a light snack, friendly conversation, a positive message and a super-fun game/activity. Each week we strive to shift the culture in San Francisco more towards God. 

visit website here


City Lights


 City Lights is a great place for adults to relax and wind down after a full week. This group is positive, active and full of laughter. The group is relationally based and formatted to be the foundation of a positive Christian walk. 

 When you attend City Lights on a Friday night at 7 pm, you can expect to laugh, eat and make the best relationships. This is a tight-knit group of positive people who celebrate birthdays, holidays,  and life with you. 


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48