Glad Tidings Men in Ministry International 

In San Francisco, it can be challenging to find time for relationships. Our schedules are full, our interests are diverse and people always seem to be coming and going. If we’re not intentional, we can end up trying to live as a solo act-busy, but isolated and alone. It is great for men to enjoy relationships with men who share the same interests, daily challenges and Christ Centered Goals. If you are a man who is single, young married, mature, divorced or widowed life can be better when you have someone in the same situation for fellowship and friendships.

The Men’s Ministry is a diverse organization which reflects the diversity of Glad Tidings Church and the diversity we will find in Heaven.

GT Men’s Ministries is an awesome place for men to connect with God and with each other. We have many activities. If there are activities you enjoy which we currently do not have, let us start it together.

  • BBQs

  • Basketball, Horseshoes, Frisbee, Football, Running, Shooting, Fishing, Bowling and more

  • Retreats with Great Speakers

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Bible studies

  • Hanging out

  • Mission Trip Participation

  • Involved with Youth

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Men’s Neighborhood Small Groups

  • Field Trips to Men’s Events

  • Choir and Drama


One recent Bible Study was a practical look at how to overcome life’s challenges, based on the book of Nehemiah. Five different leaders each took one segment of the study, sharing from their hearts and experiences. There was laughter and genuine discussion – all over coffee and pastries. Whether you like basketball, hiking, bowling, shooting, horseshoes, or just watching the game on TV – I trust I don’t have to mention eating – the Men’s Ministries will have an event that you’ll love.And it doesn’t really matter what we do, you’re going to be surrounded by a great group of real guys. Guys who struggle and fail, who wrestle and doubt, and together are finding a real God.

Men’s Neighborhood Small Groups   

This is exciting! It is great to establish relationships in the home atmosphere. It is relaxed and real. Men can fellowship, discussing Men in Fellowship and Bible Study the blessings and the challenges that all men face everyday. The vision is to build the Neighborhood Small Groups so every man in San Francisco can walk to the group meetings. Can you imagine San Francisco with 1,000 Men’s Groups Meeting weekly all over the city. We are on our way to this Godly Goal! Join a small group, see what you think and if you are called become a leader. More information and registration: Men in Ministry: Men’s Neighborhood Prayer Groups


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48