First Time Visit

GT Offers FREE Off-Street Parking…

We have three places to park, you will be greeted by our friendly parking hosts. Our first lot is located behind the building right off of Ellis Street. Our second larger lot is located just past the front entrance way, at the corner of Ellis and Webster and can be seen from Webster Street. You are welcome to park in either parking lot. 

We also have added an additional free parking space in a local parking garage. ALL people attending GT can utilize this space at NO CHARGE. It is covered and secure. Located 1/2 block from the GT Campus, the entrance is on Eddy Street between Webster and Fillmore Streets. There will be attendants on duty to help with exiting the garage.

A Welcome and a Smile

GT is a diverse church, and we come from all walks of life. At the door you’ll be given a warm welcome. Stop by Grace Cafe for a complimentary beverage for first time visitors.

People Dress Casually at GT

There isn’t a dress code at GT. We encourage you to feel comfortable whether you’d like to dress formally or just in jeans and a t-shirt, it makes no difference here. You will see people dressed in a variety of ways at just about every GT meeting.

Great Music and Messages

Our services feature worship with a live band and relevant Biblical messages that will give you practical help to live your best life. Messages are illustrated with DVD clips, drama, and props. Music is contemporary, vibrant, and passionate which expresses GT’s desire to be authentic in our worship.


Our 10 am meeting is formatted for everyone type of believer. GT seeks to provide a rich, authentic worship experience. We are on a quest to follow a living HOLY SPIRIT. As we seek to be real people worshipping a real GOD we must keep a heart that’s open to whatever the HOLY SPIRIT leads us to do. This can be as simple as repeating a favorite chorus or a message that allows for special prayer by asking various participants if they want to receive prayer by voluntarily coming to the front of the auditorium.

An Opportunity to Give

As a visitor please do not feel obligated to participate in the offering. GT’s support comes from within GT only. We do not have an outside organization that funds everything we do here. Our purpose for taking an offering is to empower the church to move forward and impact our CITY. Only regular attenders are encouraged to contribute.

A Friendly Atmosphere

You can slip out anonymously, or stay and make friends… the choice is yours. GT is a no-pressure-environment.

Safe and Fun Areas for your Children

Here’s how that works. There are several departments built and designed just for your kids to learn about a loving God—in a structured, safe environment. We have a newly renovated children’s wing to suite all your needs!

Check In Stations

When you walk into GT you will first be in the main auditorium, on the far wall there are two double doors, labeled Childcare. This is our children’s area. First you will check in your child and a volunteer will guide you and your child to their classroom. Attendants are caring, attentive, background checked and certified.


Nursery Age 0-5 ages

When you enter the Fire Wing, you will pass to the checkin stations down the hall, the first room is the EMBERS room for Infants up to 24 months.  The next room is SPARKS, and is for special needs children of any age, where your child will be taken care of by expert volunteers and the joy, love and acceptance we all deserve. The last room is for 2-5 years old in the BLAZERS room. 



FIRE KIDZ Room (Johnson Chapel)

This room is set aside for those in Elementary School. As you first walk in the front doors of church, it is the first room on the left BEFORE the main auditorium. You will be greeted by friendly kids staff and your child will have an encounter with God and lots of fun! This class is exciting, and a great learning experience for the kids!



Adult Classes and Bible Studies

We offer adult classes periodically. These classes are interactive and relevant in teaching and are usually offered during the week. 





A Place for you to enjoy Church and Grow

Once seated please just sit back and relax. We hope you enjoy the meeting and no matter what your background in church is or whether you have a background in church at all.


" whom much is given, much is required..." - Luke 12:48