THE SUDDEN - Audio CD Our very own Isaiah Beiser has gathered a team and created the Sudden. 100% of ALL SALES of ‘Brand Nu’ go straight to the building of a roof at this orphanage. After having been to a place like India and seeing what much of Indian people must do in order to survive, we feel it’s the least we can do.

The GLAD TIDINGS Church that I see is a Church that impacts San Francisco with the message that GOD loves everyone no matter what. I see a Church where worship is so real and honest that it honors GOD and changes people who are a part of it.

Discipleship will not leave you with just the explanation why you should pray. It will give you the environment to learn to pray with all kinds of prayers. It will empower you with skills to lead — because you’ll learn by doing it. It will give you the place to experience ministry. It will empower you with skills to lead — because you’ll learn by doing it.

The vision of Psalms in Motion is to see women coming into a place ofworship that glorifies God more fully. In worshiping through dance onstage we hope that we encourage other people to step into new realms of worship as well. We are focused on giving God the glory with all that we have to offer Him. We are a ministry of God-worshipers, seeking to worship God in new ways.

There are kids programs during every regular adult service. Power Kidz Offers Programs during EVERY adult service at Glad Tidings Church. It offers child focused and parent approved messages. They are managed by caring, safety and background checked certified workers. We provide a loving atmosphere where every child is taught loving Christian values.

A typical event recently hosting Pat Schatzline. Powerful energy. Music provided by the GT Band and Worship Singers. Throughout the year Glad tidings hosts numerous events. You are always welcome.

GT’s Mass Choir is the heart of our church. Choir is about learning to honor God. Our culture teaches that giving God priority in our lives will make us miserable. When people participate in in choir for the first time, they say something like ‘I had no idea how much fun it would be!’ When we lift our hearts and voices to Him, we cannot but help to experience His joy and love.

GT’s Junior and Senior High School - Youth Groups meet every Friday Night at 7pm. Underground meets in the J Chap, and does a variety of activities, ranging from weekends in the snow, to chalk fights, to bonfire at the beach. The goal is positive life-affirming relationships for the youth.